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At Midway Dog Training Academy, we train dogs very differently than other dog trainers located here in San Diego. We are conveniently located about 35 minutes away from downtown San Diego; which means we are right in the middle of all the fun stuff to do in San Diego County. Our property is located on 2 beautiful acres where your dog will be sure to stay busy with swimming, playing, socializing, and learning. Our dog training San Diego facility is setup with your dog in mind. We travel to our local dog parks, baseball fields, and local dog friendly stores to provide the typical trip that you may take with your dog.

Our dog training programs typically last between 10 and 14 days. During this time your dog will stay with us in the comfort of our home. We believe that this is a VERY important component in your dog’s training experience. We know how important it is to train in realistic settings that your dog will live in; which is why the home setting is vital. Training your dog in a kennel setting filled to the gills with other dogs is completely unrealistic for most dogs and often times very stressful; which is counterproductive to the state of mind we want to achieve with your dog. Midway Dog Academy believes that our dog training San Diego facility can help all dogs learn how to relax and live in the moment instead of being over stimulated.

Over stimulated dogs have a difficult time relaxing in their home setting. Which is why is why we believe to help the dog learn a different state of mind, we need to start in a calmer setting. And then start with the foundation training to teach the dog to focus.  

In our home, we practice with visitors stopping by, unexpected guests, mailman ringing the door bell, and more! Want your dog to live and learn ‘The Lifestyle’? Contact us at ‘Dog Training San Diego Help’ or call us at (888)MY-DOGS1 / (888) 693-6471


Megan Wallace’s EZ – Leader Dog Training system is fast, fun, and easy to understand for you and your dog! No body wants their dog to ignore them or blow them off when giving your dog commands. Let Megan at Midway Dog Academy train your dog and then train you! Will provide your dog with the proper amount of physical exercise and mental stimulation. We will also teach your dog how to swim. Teaching dogs to swim is a fantastic way to let your dog cool off in those hot summer months while still providing exercise and mental stimulation. Our dog training San Diego facility is a great place to start your dog’s training experience. After you dog has learned everything – then it is the owner’s graduation day. We then teach the human to be the dog’s leader.

Let’s heal the body and the mind!


Megan is training all day, everyday in beautiful San Diego. All you need to do is call her at – (888) My-Dogs1 to get started. She’s here to help you better understand your dog and teach you how to properly communicate with her or him.