Dog Training For Aggressive Dogs San Diego

Dog Training For Aggressive Dogs San Diego

Aggressive Dog Training San Diego

When working with aggressive dogs it is very important to seek out a professional dog trainer to help understand your dog’s behavior. Never try to “fix” your dog’s behavior problem without consulting with a dog trainer that specializes in working with aggressive dogs. Most of the dogs that I have worked with in the past have not been truly ‘Aggressive Dogs’. Most are labeled that by someone who doesn’t really know or understand dog behavior and language. There is many different forms of aggression as listed below.

Aggression due to Medical Problems Occasionally, aggression in dogs can be the result of a medical issue.  In many cases, aggression can be linked to a thyroid problem either hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism. It’s very important to speak with your vet about running a blood panel for your dog and getting the results read by someone who understands the link between aggression and thyroid problems.

Genetic Predisposition Some dogs are genetically predisposed to aggression.  This may be due to ‘back yard breeders’ or poor breeding dog guidelines. Most reputable breeders will not select a dog for breeding if they display any type of aggressive symptoms.

Fear Aggression This tends to be the most common form of aggression I see. These dogs lack confidence and often go into ‘Fight or Flight Mode’ They tend to be scared for their safety and will ‘react’ when nervous or fearful.

Territorial Aggression Dogs may attempt to guard or defend their home, space, bed, etc. This behavior includes dogs that charge fences, windows, doors, etc. Many times these cases are dogs that have had too much freedom and have been allowed to act out without consequence. It is important to give your dog rules and boundaries, instead of them having free reign.

Resource Guarding Dogs will resource guard anything they think is theirs. With these types of dogs, it is very important to understand why your dog is displaying these behaviors. Resourcing guarding, in my experience, takes working with a professional trainer to fully understand the dynamic of the household that this is happening in.

***Always consult with a professional dog trainer and discuss your dog’s behaviors. We do not recommend trying any type of techniques at home. If you feel that you may need additional help with working on your dog’s dog aggression or human aggression. Please contact us to discuss your dog training needs and wants. We will be more than happy to discuss your options.